Translation services

Our translation services are available in the following European languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Irish..

Furthermore we make translations for extra-European languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic,Turkish, Hebrew, Thai and Welsh.

La Traduzione works also with freelancers and agencies, located abroad, collaborate with us for particular language combinations in different sectors, such as:

– from English into Chinese and vice versa;
– from Bulgarian into Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and vice versa;
– from Turkish into English and vice versa, from English into French, Spanish, German and Russian and from Greek into English;
– from Afrikaans, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Vietnamese into Italian, French, English and vice versa;
– from Flemish, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech and Albanian into Italian and vice versa.
– from English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic into Polish and vice versa;
– from Italian into Romanian and vice versa,  from Italian into in Moldavian e vice versa, from French into Romanian /Moldavian,  from French into Italian, from English into Italian and from English into Romanian.

To satisfy our customers’ requests, we work only and exclusively with competent mother tongue translators and interpreters, as well as we collaborate with professionals specialized in many different sectors, from the technical, IT-field to the medical, economic-financial and legal one for the review and for the final examination of texts.

All our translators and interpreters are registered with the technical consultant Rolls of the Courts of Justice and the Italian Chamber of Industry, Craft and Agriculture (C.C.I.A.A.). and with The National Association of Translators and Interpreters (ANITI and/or AITI).
We also offer sworn translations in all the main foreign languages.

Translations are made by mother tongue translators of proven ability from Italian into the foreign language and vice versa

Specializations: technical, medical, legal, commercial, economic-financial and information technology fields.


Technical field:

Manuals, operating instructions, technical specifications, safety data sheets, safety regulations, DIN regulations, certification, patents, test reports, risk management, feasibility study and so on.

Plants, industrial machinery and components:

Machine tools, presses, welding machines, valves, pumps, purifiers, forklift trucks, cranes, lathes, bearings, combustion/spark-ignition engines, transformers, crop shears, rolling mills, steel plants, furnaces, boilers, air conditioning units, suction hoods, electrical equipment, automation, LCD TV, audio and video equipment, cameras, printers, coffee machines and so on.


Plastics, paints, pigments, hydrocarbons, gaseous fuels and so on.

Medical and pharmaceutical sector:

Information leaflets for medicinal products for human use and package leaflets for veterinary medicines, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), generic or equivalent drugs, medical reports, medical records, informed consent, protocols, abstracts, posters, trials, Ethics Committee’s approvals, clinical studies,  books and articles in national and international scientific papers concerning the following topics: tumors, heart diseases, ischemia, embolism, hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, genetic diseases and so on; Ministerial Decrees, inspection reports, single opinion, training manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP), machines for the pharmaceutical sector, such as capsule filling machines, blister packers, pharmaceutical packaging machines, laboratory machines and so on; hygienic and sanitary products, batch records, material safety data sheets, validation reports and so on.


Automotive, electronics, building, mechanical and plant engineering, textile, metallurgy and iron metallurgy, furniture, household appliances, clothing, ceramic, petrochemistry, power stations, dams, railway stations, photovoltaic, packages, logistics and so on.


Hardware: components;
Software: operating systems, operating environments, programs, office automation, machine languages and programming.
Web sites, operating manuals and so on.

Commercial, economic-financial field:

Supply contracts, contracts of sale and purchase, agency agreements, merger/takeover agreements,
sole agent agreement, commercial correspondence, catalogues, brochures, bids for tender, factoring,
leasing, letter of intent, meeting’s  minutes, business relations and financial plans, consolidated
balance sheet, supplementary notes, articles of association,  title searches,  bookkeeping, insurance
policies, stock exchange and so on.

Legal field:

Petitions, legal actions, disputes, appeals, trials, notary certificates and company certificates,
authentications and apostilles, power of attorney, civil and penal proceedings, arbitrations, insolvency
proceedings, Memorandum of  Appearance,  memorial briefs, Protocol of Agreement, contract of
guarantee, deed of transfer, certificate of representation and certificate of tax domicile, export’s
report, assessments, claim settlements,  copyrights and so on.


Literature texts, assays, press releases, media news articles, cinema and so on.

Other fields:

Marketing, advertising, telecommunication, art and design, architecture, tourism, cosmetics, fashion,
luxury products, leather goods/shoes/bags, sports clothing,  alimentary sector, enology, recipes, toys,
video games, environmental protection, renewable energies  and so on.


Vehicle registrations, vehicle registration documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, civil status certificates, family status certificates, passports, visa and so on.

Interpretation services

We offer interpreting services in the  following Europen languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish ,Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian,Hungarian,Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

Furthermore we offer interpreting services in the  following extra-European languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish

For interpreting services in Italy and abroad we have interpreters working with us who are resident in the major Italian cities (Milan, Bologna, Verona, Rome and Naples) and also abroad (for ex. in Poland and in Bulgaria).

In particular we offer the following interpreting services for:

  • negotiation;
  • consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • during conferences, exhibitions and business meetings.

The interpreting services are performed both in active and passive language, that it is to say from Italian into the foreign language and vice versa and between languages: for ex. from French/Spanish into English and vice versa  and from Russian into English and vice versa.

Our interpreters are available for fairs, congresses, abroad transfers and business meetings.

Specializations: technical, medical, legal, commercial, economic-financial and information technology fields.

OTHER services

Language courses and specialization in different fields: Courses and private lessons in English, French, Spanish and German from basic to advanced levels. Basic courses in Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Courses held by native speaker teachers for groups or individuals. On line courses in all languages.

At the end of the relevant course it is possible to take a final exam, in order to achieve the foreign language certificate.

Specialization in commercial, touristic, legal, financial, fashion, IT and medical-pharmaceutical fields in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

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TOUR LEADERS and guides

These are professionals who work for the reception of and assistance to tourists.

Tour leaders for individuals or groups during inland travels or abroad, giving assistance and touristic information on transit areas.

Guides for individuals or groups to show and explain historical, touristic, monumental, landscape amenities, as well as activities typical of these areas. We offer these services to tourist agencies, tour operators, companies, public and private bodies.

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